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28yrs.. 1 month.. Life

It’s been a month, too short for some, too long for others. For me, this month has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride of feelings, time seemed meaningless compared to the life changing experiences. It’s not just a month, but yes, it has already been month since I gave birth to my beautiful healthy baby girl, Justine Elize.

She is the biggest blessing in my life so far. The best gift I could ever receive, a month before my birthday.

As I turn 28, I have come to realize so many things..

  • Problems/Struggles in life is never ending, you just have to keep the faith in Him. Everything happens according to His will. Besides, He doesn’t give you a burden you couldn’t carry.
  • You will never truly appreciate your parents until you’ve become one.
  • No matter the pain or problems we have caused our parents, they will always, always have our backs.
  • A mother’s love is unlimited.
  • Life doesn’t always go the way we planned it.

So really what I want to do on my birthday is to give thanks..

  • Thank you for the gift of friends, sisters and brothers from another mother. I know how blessed I am to have friends like you guys in my life. I know that I won’t ever be alone no matter how far apart we are. -Girl friends Tita’s, Bulaluds, Inuman na, and to all who have stayed in my life all these years..
  • To Chester, for the love and support you have been providing our little Elize even before she was born.
  • To my sisters, who I know will love and care for my daughter as much as they love me.
  • To my Mom, Thank you for everthing. You have and has always been the best mom to us three. Your sacrifices and contineous care and love for us, has been more than what we deserve. You love us too much that you forget to love yourself. You deserve the best in life and to be really happy. I hope that in my small little ways, you feel that I appreciate everything and love you very much. Elize and I loves you so much.
  • Above all, I thank the Lord for everything, no exceptions.

    Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with love, purpose and gratitude.

    Thank you everyone for celebrating with me in spirit. I love you all. God bless!


    where are you?

    Where are you to keep me warm?

    I can’t seem to find your arms

    I miss the touch that held me near

    Specially when I am in fear


    I hate it when I get confused

    I end up feeling like I’m used

    The LOVE I thought I’ll never lose

    Gone! Only pain remained and I can’t refuse



    the last for the first

    You won’t see me nor hear from me again

    Not until your tears run dry and your wounds are healed

    Maybe then you’ll forget all the pain

    And we can start all over again


    Soon our friends would notice my absence

    And soon i’ll run out of reasons to tell

    But even if to them it doesn’t make sense

    All I care is that you are well



    -written in 2011 ^_^


    I was about to send this..


    but then I remembered that you don’t care anymore..

    i opted to take a picture of it instead, then deleted the message.

    Gusto Ko din ng Cebu, Kara



    Hi Kara,

    Sana may Cebu din ako gaya mo. Baka mag work din sakin yung nagwork sayo. Yung naging peaceful after some time. Yung nagawang mag move on kahit nasasaktan.

    Sana may Cebu din ako gaya mo. Nagkaroon ng fresh start. Mukhang hindi nako naniniwala sa sinabi ko sayo dati. “There is no perfect place.” Baka there really is one, hindi nga lang dito.

    I have so many things to tell you. Kaso hindi na pwede yung beer or mcdo. Or maybe pwede pa din, hindi na nga lang kasing dami ng dati na 2 bucket ng beer imbes na roses. Pwede din siguro mcdo, miryenda lang siguro para ndi masyado madaming bad cholesterol.

    Sana may cebu din ako gaya mo. May chance to give up everything. The current life, just to live.

    I miss you darling in times like this. I’m broken and I can’t tell anybody. No one will understand. Except you I think. I know you can, because I know you won’t judge.

    I’m broken and I need you Kara dear. I need you, and I hope that you are my place to heal.


    Missing you dearly,


    our last dance


    I held on
    Thinking we had a chance
    Guess I was wrong
    This should be our last dance

    So listen babe
    Listen to our song
    It’s about to end
    The closing, it won’t be long

    In all these lies
    I know my love is true
    I’m just beyond sad
    Unsure if you loved me too

    Still, i’m thankful
    For all that I’ve gone through
    I’m much stronger now
    Because of you

    I will never forget this Valentines
    You gave me a precious memory
    Something I can keep for life
    A feeling to treasure for eternity

    is this it?

    You don’t miss me anymore
    You don’t text
    You don’t call
    Everything out the door

    now i’m confused can’t you see
    words that you said
    songs that you shared
    apparently means different for you and me

    friend maybe you don’t know
    this ache in my head
    all the pain in my heart
    everyday just continously grows

    And then he says..

    What do we do?



    Falling – Tyler Ward Ft. Alex G

    (song and video not mine)

    Oh before I forget..


    ..and I don’t want to let you go..

    ..can I not let you go?

    Can I Hate You?


    love and hate

    They say there is a fine line between love and hate…

    Maybe., just maybe., if i start hating you so much…

    I’ll stop loving you this much!! 

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